Let Nature In

Friends of Friends is an international community, production studio, and publishing platform dedicated to creativity and inspiration. I headed up the photo department as Photo Director for 4 years, having the pleasure to work with creatives from all over the world in the fields of culture, fashion, art, music, photography and so much more.

Prue Stent and Honey Long are a creative duo based in Melbourne, Australia. Photographer: Anu Kumar

“There’s a lot of pressure on artists and anyone putting their work out there to have their personal identity and politics tied to it.”

Honey Long
Sophie Neuendorf, the Vice President of Artnet, at her family holiday home in Mallorca. Photographer: Anu Kumar
Sudan Archives is an American singer, songwriter, violinist, and producer based in Los Angeles. Photographer: Gene Glover

On stage, I want to be a superhero or an anime character. My violin is my sword.”

Sudan Archives
Atong Atem is a South Sudanese artist and writer from Bor living in Narrm Melbourne. Photographer: Anu Kumar

“I’m more of a 400-meter runner when it comes to creative projects.”

Penny Martin
Penny Martin, London-based editor of the biannual women’s publication The Gentlewoman. Photographer: Tina Hillier
Infradisciplinary artist Pinar Yoldas, Los Angeles. Photographer: Kenny Hurtado 
Anti-war Journalist Julia Leeb. Photographer: Sima Dehgani

“We have Internet, we have cameras, we have phones, we have journalists. And it’s our duty to stop systematic injustices from happening. And a way to do that is to document what is going on.”

Julia Leeb
iO Tillett Wright is an American author, photographer, TV and podcast host, and activist. Photographer: Cody James