Be the Balance


Enlisted as part of a team to develop a concept and launch campaign within eight weeks for the European marketing roll-out of Classpass. Entitled #bethebalance, the campaign placed an emphasis on the symbiosis between body and mind and aimed to showcase what finding balance in your everyday life may look like.

The production focused on four female protagonists—including Gizem Emre, Louise Damas, Marie Luise Klietz, and Lizzy van der Ligt—in Berlin, Paris, Munich, and Amsterdam, three of which were accompanied by video portraits for social media. 

Marie-Luise Klietz, gold medal-winning triathlete, Munich.

“Everyone has to create their own motivation. It’s only when it comes from inside of me that it lasts.”

Marie-Luise Klietz
Gizem Emre is an actress living in Berlin.
Louise Damas, a Parisian jewelry designer.

“I’ve always been Parisian—but I don’t think that my jewelry reflects only “Parisianity,” because my motto is that every woman is the heroine of her own story.”

Louise Damas

Photographer: Boerge Sierigk